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Dogs at Carneros

Home to 100 cottages, suites, and residences surrounded by rolling hills and scenic vineyards, Carneros Resort and Spa is a dog friendly resort that offers guests and their furry travel companions an equally enjoyable stay with pet-friendly accommodations in Napa. Complete with a doggie bed and bowl, cottages and suites are equipped with private, enclosed patios perfect for dogs to safely explore and relax. Other amenities include locally crafted dog treats, a logoed dog leash, Dogster magazine, and a logoed dog toy to keep pups entertained and happy all day. 

With plenty to see and discover, exploring Napa Valley with man's best friend has never been easier. The resort's signature orange bikes offer a handy pet trailer, which conveniently hooks up to the end of the bike. With many Fido friendly areas on the 28-acre property, the resort also provides guests with handy Carneros logoed pet waste bags and logoed paw wipes. The resort will assist guests in making dog sitting or dog walking arrangements.

Dog Amenities Include: 

  • Dog Bed
  • Dog Bowl
  • Locally crafted dog treats 
  • Carneros Dog Toy
  • Carneros Dog Leash  
  • Carneros Dog Waste Bags 
  • Carneros Paw Wipes 
  • Access to pet trailer for Carneros bikes 
  • Assistance with setting up dog walking or dog sitting for an additional fee

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